Black Women 4 Healthy Living is a Christian-led nonprofit organization that addresses health disparities of Black women in the Greater Des Moines area. We advocate, empower, and provide hope to Black women through education, support, and resources. We are a bridge for Black women to health care and health systems. We seek optimal health and wellbeing outcomes in our community.


We want to see Black women living well from the inside out.

Faith Statement:

We are co-laborers with God. We are salt in the earth and light on a hill to the world glorifying God. (Matthew 5:13-16)

Value Statement:

We are led by Holy Spirit and the authority of Jesus Christ. We do everything with excellence as if we are doing it for God because we are. We humble ourselves and allow the compassion of Jesus Christ to flow to those we serve. We are trustworthy and a safe space for Black women.

Board of Directors

Brandi Miller
Brandi L Miller,
Angela Mickens Bolden
Angela Mickens Bolden,
Vice President
Lacinda McClendon

Lacinda McClendon,

Rhashida Russell
Rhashida Russell
Community Outreach
Brittani Leake
Brittani Leake